Hi, welcome here.


Sometimes I visit a modeling fair somewhere in the country, and I am active on some modeling forums, where I regularly try to build a new model.

In recent years I have always built a lot from plan and especially self-construction. These were mainly model ships, carriages, and windmills.

Now I only build static model kits, this is still fun after all these years. My first kit was when I was 11 years old, and yes, the Bismarck at 1/560.

I don't have a real preference of subject and therefore mix everything up. For me, converting and painting is the best thing about this hobby.

I try to work old-fashioned, as you can see in the picture below, with little modern stuff. I prefer to mix the paints myself, this is still the best way in my opinion. Furthermore, some pliers and knives with some tweezers and of course a magnifying glass and we are ready.

As a former soldier, I mainly do not build military, but it can happen sporadically when I can find a suitable construction set.

Through the gallery, you can follow my work through many photos.