Construction Bulldozer AMT 1/25

An old-fashioned model, but solid. Many possibilities for renovation. I opted for the extra cabin and some extra pipes on the engine and shovel.

Background information:

A bulldozer (also called a land scraper) is a very powerful tractor on caterpillar tracks with a blade at the front.
These vehicles are used to move large quantities of soil over short distances and are therefore used for, among other things, leveling terrain, digging canals and raising dikes. Partly due to the powerful engine, bulldozers can also drive over very difficult terrain. In addition, caterpillar tracks are used to distribute the heavy weight. These caterpillar tracks also provide extra grip. Bulldozers are also used by armies, for example to clear roads, demolish buildings and build defenses.

In addition to the bulldozer, there is also the wheel loader or shovel. A shovel has a vertically movable bucket; This allows a shovel to not only move soil, but also lift things and load trucks. Unlike bulldozers, shovels often have regular wheels. These have the advantage that they do not damage paved roads, but the disadvantage is that they have less grip. Bulldozers are still widely used for ground leveling, while small bulldozers and shovels are used for actual construction.