German WR 360 C12 Locomotive Trumpeter 1/35

A beautiful construction kit from the well-known brand. All details are present and sleek. The locomotive can easily be converted into a civilian version. They served for a long time after the war. Beautiful to build together with a matching wagon. Definitely recommended to build.

Background information:

The German WR 360 C12 Locomotive of which only 10 were produced and were never used outside the borders of Germany being used mostly on shunting duties in rail yards and similar mundane tasks during their lifetimes which for some extended into the 1960’s.

The V36.0/WR 360 C12 was a diesel powered locomotive of modest size being only around 9 meters in length and was superseded by the slightly larger and more powerful V36.2-4/WR C14 which was built in larger numbers and used extensively during and after WWII with some still operating as late as 1974