ME262 A-1a Fighter HobbyBoss 1/18

A beautiful kit from this manufacturer. The scale is very large and does require extra work. The special assembly due to the many screws makes it unnecessarily difficult. You cannot add much extra detail, actually a fairly simple implementation.

Background information:

Although it is often regarded as one of Hitler's wonder weapons, development of the Me 262 began before the war and the first plans were already on the table in April 1939. Test flights began in April 1941. A conventional Junkers Jumo 210 engine was installed in the nose for the first test flights because the BMW 003 jet engines were not yet ready for use.

The new Junkers Jumo 004 jet engines also proved to be quite unreliable and although all modifications to the aircraft design were completed in 1942, production did not start until 1944, when the engines delivered better performance. However, after 10 hours of flying, they had to be overhauled again.

The Me262 was intended as a fighter, but Hitler decided that it should be a bomber and forbade any mention of the Me262 except as a fast bomber.