Fieseler FI103/V1 MPM 1/48

A small model of a legendary weapon over London. Very fun to build. There are many models of it available today.

Background information:

The V1 (also V-1, Vergeltungswaffe 1) was the first German so-called V-weapon of the Second World War and also the first unmanned jet aircraft in the world. It had an explosive charge, making it a 'flying bomb'. It was the predecessor of the later cruise weapons, although these were usually equipped with a rocket engine. In total, more than 30,000 V1s were produced. They were first shot mainly from Northern France and later in the war from the Netherlands. London and Antwerp were severely affected.

The name V1 (German abbreviation) or V-1 (English abbreviation) was a derivative of Vergeltungswaffe 1 (Retaliation Weapon 1). Actually the designation was Fieseler Fi 103 or FZG-76.[1] In Germany the V1 also had the name Kirschkern or Maikäfer.

The V1 is sometimes called a rocket, but it is not, because it uses aircraft wings for its carrying capacity and does not use a rocket engine for propulsion, but a jet engine. Compared to a rocket, a V1, with its maximum speed of 400 miles per hour, was a relatively slow-flying subsonic jet aircraft, but compared to the Spitfire, the V1 flew quite fast, and was difficult for the fastest Allied fighters to intercept.