Trailer 1/12  R.c Renovation.

The Jeep trailer was a small, 1⁄4 short ton (0.22 long tons; 0.23 t) payload rated, cargo trailer, designed in World War II, tailored to be towed by 1/4-ton jeeps. Versions of the quarter-ton jeep trailer remained in military use, by the U.S. or other countries, at least through to the 1990s.

When the jeep was developed, it needed a cargo trailer that would track behind the vehicle. The first trailer was called the "Trailer, 1/4-ton, 2-Wheel, Cargo, Amphibian". More than 150,000 jeep trailers were built by over ten different companies, during World War II alone. American Bantam built some 75,000 of their T-3, and kept building jeep trailers after the war. Willys-Overland also built more than 60,000 of their MBT units (Willys MB Trailers). Other manufacturers contributed only hundreds, or just a few thousand units. A special trailer was the Converto (Airborne) Dump Trailer, of which several thousand were built.

Later versions of the trailer were the M100 trailer for the Willys M38 jeep and the M416 trailer for the M151 jeep.



I applied a new color.

First removed all seams and other imperfections.
Also made the rear lights working.