Standerdmolen DIY

Built entirely from plan. With working electric blades. Correct construction of the blades.

The name is taken from the standard or stake, an upright trunk, approximately 60–80 cm thick, with a so-called storm spike. The reel body rests largely on the top of the stand or stake. A storm pin has been fitted to the stand for sliding. A second support point for the cupboard around the stand is the seat halfway up the stand. The whole is supported on 8 stabbing straps (armpit/master straps or standing fins), the 4 short stabbing straps hold the whole thing up, the 4 long stabbing straps stabilize the reel. the pressure due to the weight is diverted by the dies or stripes to the ground. The center of the case is not on the stand, but further back to compensate for the weight of the blade cross. As a result, the grinder is more or less in balance depending on the amount of regrind stored in the cabinet

The seesaw mill emerged from the post mill. The shape of the roof, the height of the base, the shape of the stairs, the length-width ratio of the cupboard and the roof above the shed can be seen in which region the mill is located.