Sleeswijk-Holstein slagschip 1908 1/350

German battleship Schleswig - Holstein Stein is a level for dreadnoughts in Germany, in 1906 the water base displacement of 13,993 tons total length: 127.7112 m speed of 18 Clearly defined, the terms of the Treaty of Versailles after World War I, Germany was defeated : the defeat of Germany is not allowed to build and has a fearless type of battleship, only allow it to eight of the old battleship, retain the ship, except for training and coastal defense, not for other purposes, these restrictions are the German Navy's ability in areas with limited naval power. Schleswig - Holstein Stein is allowed in Germany to preserve one of the old ships. Before the new ship is in the water in Germany, the old Schleswig ship has quietly and fearlessly borne the heavy responsibility for the territorial waters of Germany.
On August 25, 1939, the old battleship Schleswig-Holstein "was erected in memory of the First World War Memorial in the name of the "goodwill visit" to Poland, Danzig City, at 4:17 on September 19, 1939, during a shelling of a Polish barracks by Schleswig- Holstein, the first shot of World War II fired. The roar of guns opened the curtain on World War II.
The German Navy surface ships from World War II are basically entrenched in the harbor, the old Schleswig-Holstein paints earthy camouflage and hides. Ultimately, the ship escaped the fate of sinking after the war and was also salvaged as material compensation for the Soviet Union.