Wla 750 italeri 1/9 bobber

A very beautiful construction kit from the well-known brand. The 1/9 scale is just perfect. I opted for conversion to an old rusted bobber. Just as it once was in my garage. That is easy to do, but takes time.

What is a Bobber?


The bobber is a stripped factory motorcycle stripped of all unnecessary parts. They often have no front fender and a very small rear fender. A bobber does not have a longer front fork or longer wheelbase, but the bobber does have many similarities with the chopper.

Because the Harley bobber, such as the chopper, has also been stripped, the total weight of the motorcycle has become lighter, allowing the motorcycle to drive a little faster. The origin of bobbers dates back to the period after the Second World War. During this period, people started racing with the Harley Davidson motorcycles used by the American army. These engines were cheap to obtain and by removing all unnecessary parts, more speed could be achieved. Current bobbers are often stripped of turn signals and front fenders. A minimalist saddle is also usually mounted. In general, a bobber is a bare motorcycle without much color or chrome. A bobber usually does not have a modified frame like a chopper has and is therefore somewhat easier to realize.